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McCoy's RCRA Compliance CD, 2015 Edition

RCRA Compliance CD

The 2015 CD contains two McCoy reference books, over 1,450 EPA guidance documents and 360 Federal Register notices in PDF format. But we didn't stop there. With over 19,000 total pages and 45,000 hyperlinks on the CD, you can easily click to related material within the regs, within the guidance, or from regs to guidance and back again.

The CD is the most powerful way to use RCRA Reference, which is the full text of the regs in 40 CFR Parts 260-280 and Part 148, and RCRA Unraveled, which provides a detailed discussion of interpretations clarifying the regs, from routine situations to the most troublesome.

Interactive Flowcharts.
We’ve made complex logic diagrams easier to use by breaking them down into discrete steps. This step-by-step format asks one question at a time until a conclusion is reached. And the guidance and regs behind each step are hyperlinked so you can research and understand the rationale for each question or conclusion.

Hyperlinked table of contents.
Located on the left side of the screen, the table of contents (i.e., bookmarks) allows you to browse for broad topics and regulatory sections quickly and easily. Plus, RCRA Unraveled includes bookmarks for case studies, figures, and tables.

Knowledge-based indexes.
Our RCRA experts have compiled indexes to both the regulations and guidance to help you locate information on specific topics. And we include frequently used terms that never appear in the regs like “satellite accumulation” and “derived-from rule.”

Find and Search capabilities.
The CD is fully Find and Search enabled, so you can easily locate occurrences of very specific terms or items, such as RCRA Online numbers or regulatory references.

Go from regs to relevant guidance in a single click.

Review the User's Guide. Then if you like what you see, order your 2015 CD for the single-copy price of $495. Or purchase the RCRA CD for $295 (a $200 savings) if you:

  1. Purchase the 2015 CD with both 2015 RCRA books, RCRA Reference and RCRA Unraveled; or
  2. Attend a 2015 seminar (register here); or
  3. Own an older edition of McCoy's RCRA Compliance CD and want to upgrade to the 2015 version (call us at 303-526-2674).

System Requirements.

  • PC: Microsoft Windows® 8, 7, or Vista;
    Adobe® Reader® 7.0 or higher; 128MB of RAM.
  • Macintosh®: Mac OS X v.10.2.8 or higher;
    Adobe® Reader® 7.0 or higher; 128MB of RAM.

Network Licenses.
Local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN) licenses available. Call 303-526-2674 or send an email to for details.

McCoy and Associates, Inc. is committed to providing solid, reliable environmental compliance information. We guarantee your satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied with your publication, return your CD for a complete and immediate refund.

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