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McCoy's CAA Unraveled, First Edition

CAA Unraveled

$125 (Quantity discounts available)
Softbound, 412 pages.
7.375 x 9.25 x 1 inches
Published July 2009

ISBN: 978-0-930469-53-5

The first edition of the book provides an overview of the entire CAA and details McCoy's Pollutant Approach to understanding how CAA programs fit together. This unique perspective will help you see at a glance the myriad ways that a single pollutant may be regulated. And that, in turn, helps you better understand how and why CAA program requirements overlap and compete with each other.

In addition, three chapters provide in-depth coverage of the NSPS, NESHAP, and air toxics programs, including a step-by-step approach and supporting tools that simplify the process of making basic applicability determinations.

Numerous examples and case studies detail EPA's guidance.

Hundreds of EPA guidance documents referenced.

Keyword index for fast location of information on specific topics.

Let McCoy help you unravel the CAA

The first edition of McCoy's CAA Unraveled provides a plain English overview of the regulations in Parts 50–82 of Title 40 of the CFR. In addition, a detailed exploration of the NSPS, NESHAP, and air toxics programs in Parts 60–63 shines a light on many of the nuances in these programs, such as:

  • Why are there so many different LDAR requirements and how do they compare?
  • What constitutes a modification, and is it the same under the NSPS, NESHAP, and air toxics programs?
  • Is reconstruction the same as construction?
  • How does a source become a synthetic minor and what impact does a violation have on this status?
  • What emissions must be included when calculating TAB quantities for the BWON program?
  • What are the most common errors in TAB accounting?
  • Are the waste streams I count when determining TAB quantity the same as the ones I must control if BWON applies?
  • What's contained in the general provisions and why are they important?
  • What is circumvention and when is it an issue?
  • What requirements apply to my source when an applicable MACT standard is vacated?
  • What is the relationship between state and federal programs under the CAA?

Order the first edition of McCoy's CAA Unraveled today, either separately, or with our other publications, McCoy's RCRA Reference and McCoy's RCRA Unraveled. Or have a look at an excerpt and the table of contents.

McCoy and Associates, Inc. is committed to providing solid, reliable environmental compliance information. We guarantee your satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied with your publication, return your book for a complete and immediate refund.

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