RCRA Unraveled.


Our regulatory experts gather, review, and analyze every bit of guidance out there. Then, we explain how EPA interprets the regs—in plain English. Unraveled is written for operations personnel who have to comply with complex regs in a plant setting. All so you gain a clear, neutral, and comprehensive resource. Buy >


Solid Waste To Demolition.


Solid Wastes

Characteristic Wastes

Listed Wastes

Exclusions and Exemptions

Rules for Management

Generator Issues

Hazardous Waste Treatment

Universal Wastes

Container Issues

Tank Issues


Used Oil

Land Disposal Restrictions

Point of Generation

Air Emission Standards

Inspections and Enforcement

Corrective Action

Waste Characterization/Sampling

Remediation and Demolition


RCRA Reference.


McCoy’s RCRA Reference contains the complete text of the relevant federal hazardous waste regs that implement Subtitle C of RCRA. And it’s current through January 1, 2016.

Designed to be easier to use from the ground up, McCoy’s RCRA Reference is a greatly enhanced version of the CFR. First, we format the regs with hierarchical indentation for easier reading. Then, we add a regulatory citation at the end of most paragraphs, so you know exactly where you are. We also include thumb tabs and running headers so you can easily locate subparts and sections. To top it off, McCoy’s RCRA Reference includes a keyword index, so you can find all regs pertinent to specific topics. Buy >

Unraveled and Reference.


RCRA Reference contains notations at the end of key regulatory passages that point you to sections in Unraveled. Reference has a keyword index with industry terms that never appear in the regs like “mixture rule” or “Bevill wastes.” Look for icons in RCRA Reference and they’ll lead you to corresponding guidance in RCRA Unraveled. It’s that simple. Buy >

RCRA Compliance CD.


McCoy’s RCRA Compliance CD contains almost 20,000 pages of relevant RCRA information. Now that’s impressive.

This electronic product is a heavy duty research tool that contains over 1,450 EPA guidance documents and 360 Federal Register notices in PDF format along with McCoy’s RCRA Reference and RCRA Unraveled. It’s also smartly hyperlinked so you can locate and move between related information easily—finding the compliance answers you need with a few clicks.

When you combine this much data with a powerful search engine, the CD will help reduce time-consuming RCRA research. That will make your environmental team even more efficient. At $495, the payback is as little as avoiding one minor NOV. Get a CD for $295 with your McCoy seminar.

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