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Regulatory compliance helps keep the places where we live, work, and play healthy and safe. And although disruption is all around us, charting a steady course and a culture of compliance makes sense for the long run. How do you stay the course when the regs are intricate and your time is precious? Try a McCoy seminar. It’s the most effective way to simplify RCRA—and get up to speed with the latest.

You’ll learn to characterize waste accurately and how to ask the right questions to get the RCRA answers you really need. We’ll take you through examples and case studies, so you can see how RCRA works in the real world. We’ll bring clarity to the complex (and often obscure) regs so you can make the operational decisions you need to stay in compliance. After all, with thirty-nine years providing regulatory expertise, our RCRA courses will keep yours, well, steady.

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More reliable than Max.



Yep. You can depend on man’s best friend with confident certainty for some things.

But Max doesn’t know RCRA like we do, which means he’s not much help during a compliance audit, or when you need to figure out if it’s a U239 or F003 waste code. So we developed Sherpa to be the next best thing—a searchable, RCRA-centric research tool.

Sherpa saves time and effort by reducing the tedious hours you and your pack spend researching compliance issues. We clarify how EPA interprets the regs, so you don’t have to guess how to satisfy the regulatory and operational constraints that impact safety, compliance, and your mission. Faster than Max can retrieve a Frisbee, you’ll find answers you can rely on.   Learn more >   Compare publications >   Buy >