You’re not dreaming.


Eureka! CA Title 22 and RCRA together.

You asked for it and we’re launching McCoy’s California Title 22-RCRA .VIRTUAL seminar, to be held October 7–10, 2024. Of course, RCRA is enormously complex and often perplexing by itself—so understanding federal RCRA, the California hazardous waste regulations, and California Health and Safety Code (HSC) may make you want to jump into the sea!

Never fear. This seminar provides the same nuance and detail McCoy is known for. We’ll guide you through federal RCRA and we’ll highlight the Cali differences.

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RCRA and CAA Seminars on deck.



More reliable than Max.



Yep. You can depend on man’s best friend for some things.

But Max doesn’t know RCRA, which means he’s not much help during a compliance audit, or if it’s a U239 or F003 waste code. We developed McCoy Sherpa to be your BFF—a searchable, RCRA-centric research tool.

Sherpa saves time and effort by reducing the tedious hours you (and your pack) spend researching RCRA compliance issues. We clarify how EPA interprets the regs, so you don’t have to guess how to satisfy the regulatory and operational constraints that impact safety, compliance, and your mission. Faster than Max can retrieve a Frisbee, you’ll find the RCRA answers you can rely on.   Learn more >   Compare publications >   Buy >