RCRA meet CAA. CAA meet RCRA.


To teach the CAA, we simplified it.

Where do environmental professionals turn to understand the Clean Air Act when few trainers address it? Here’s how we tackle it in our CAA Unraveled seminar.

We use powerful pictures, charts, tables, and figures to help you hold onto CAA’s patterns. We discuss the Big Picture to show how its programs fit into the whole. We divide concepts into basic, intermediate, and advanced parts, then show you how they interrelate. Our course notes have plenty of room to take notes, as writing reinforces learning. And we encourage you to apply what you’ve learned via examples as this helps you “get it.” Try our CAA Unraveled training and gain confidence on the difficult, but important, Clean Air Act.

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RCRA and CAA Seminars on deck.



More reliable than Max.



Yep. You can depend on man’s best friend for some things.

But Max doesn’t know RCRA, which means he’s not much help during a compliance audit, or if it’s a U239 or F003 waste code. We developed McCoy Sherpa to be your BFF—a searchable, RCRA-centric research tool.

Sherpa saves time and effort by reducing the tedious hours you (and your pack) spend researching RCRA compliance issues. We clarify how EPA interprets the regs, so you don’t have to guess how to satisfy the regulatory and operational constraints that impact safety, compliance, and your mission. Faster than Max can retrieve a Frisbee, you’ll find the RCRA answers you can rely on.   Learn more >   Compare publications >   Buy >