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33,640,709 tons of hazardous waste!

How much hazardous waste was generated in 2015? Hazardous waste generation and management data for the 2015 biennial reporting year (and other years back to 2001) are now available. These data are broken down by state, generation and management site, NAICS code, and hazardous waste type. READ MORE

Is 30 years enough?

Although 30 years of post-closure care for land disposal units seems like a long time, determining whether or not additional time is necessary requires a unit-specific assessment. With many old land disposal units reaching the end of the initial post-closure care period, EPA has issued guidance to assist permitting authorities in making these determinations. READ MORE

RCRA applicability to filters

Filter canisters do not enjoy the manufacturing process unit exemption from RCRA when 1) connected to manufacturing equipment that has been out of service for more than 90 days, or 2) disconnected from manufacturing equipment. READ MORE

Penalties take their annual leap

Last year, a new law required annual inflationary adjustments for RCRA civil penalties by January 15 of each year. Because last year was a catch-up year, the initial jumps were quite large. See how the penalties were affected this year. READ MORE

Waiting on a new prescription

Was EPA thinking about pharmaceuticals in the late seventies when they were writing the RCRA rules? At the manufacturing level, yes, but not at the retail and patient level. So how do we manage hazardous pharmaceutical wastes where RCRA wasn’t designed to work? READ MORE

Celebrating 40 years of RCRA

Can you believe RCRA is a Gen X-er? Yes, December 8, 2016 marked 40 years for RCRA, and the agency has a website memorializing the program’s milestones. Check out the 40th anniversary website to see a RCRA timeline, case studies, and EPA’s discussion about its path forward.

Get clued-in on site remediation

EPA’s massive website is a great resource for all types of environmental information, and has many subsites. The agency’s Contaminated Site Clean-Up Information (CLU-IN) website is just one example. If you are involved in remediation, it may be worth a visit. READ MORE

2016 enforcement results released

EPA recently made available its Enforcement Annual Results for fiscal year 2016. An overview, details, analysis, and an interactive map showing enforcement data are provided online. READ MORE

Findings on fracking

Although not a RCRA issue, there is significant interest in the environmental community and country at large as to the effects of fracking on drinking water quality. EPA recently released its final report entitled Hydraulic Fracturing for Oil and Gas: Impacts from the Hydraulic Fracturing Water Cycle on Drinking Water Resources in the United States. A 50-page executive summary and 666-page main report (not including 572 pages of appendices) should provide plenty of informative reading.

What do labs and agriculture have in common?

They are both covered by new McCoy white papers. If you work in a lab, you may be interested in downloading our new white paper entitled RCRA Issues in Academic, Government, and Industrial Laboratories. And for those of you in the agricultural chemical industries, we have just made available a white paper entitled RCRA Compliance in the Agricultural Fertilizer, Pesticide, and Chemical Industry. Both are provided on a complimentary basis as a service to our customers.

RCRA in retail

Compliance with RCRA in the retail sector is difficult for many reasons. EPA recently released its strategy for addressing RCRA compliance in this sector. READ MORE