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October 2020

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State authorization of RCRA rules

A lot has changed since RCRA first started 40 years ago, and complying with new rules can be challenging. How do you know if the state you operate in has adopted a new rule or if the rule even needs to be adopted? If you can’t find the answer on your state environmental agency’s website, you can always use EPA’s authorization status tracker. The document includes the adoption and authorization status for rules promulgated under the base RCRA program and HSWA authority.   READ MORE  




Rip van Guidance

Although twenty years old, recently released RO 14932 is still relevant. The 2000 guidance reaffirms EPA’s position from 1985, noting that sulfuric acid from a smelter’s metallurgical acid plant is a co-product, rather than a waste. If you are not working in the metal smelting industry, why should you care? Because a material designated by RCRA as a co-product, even if it is contaminated with heavy metals in excess of their toxicity characteristic levels, is still a nonwaste.


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Vertical farms

Supply chain interruptions, due to the pandemic, have constrained food delivery. Bowery Farms has found a unique solution. They’ve developed vertically integrated indoor farming. Using technology to fine tune the growing sequence, produces high quality leafy greens in urban environments. This in turn benefits low income neighborhoods by selling the fresh produce to grocers, who then sell produce at below-market prices.




The next decade of corrective action

EPA’s RCRA corrective action (CA) program is the mechanism the agency uses to require the cleanup of RCRA-permitted treatment, storage, and disposal facilities. Since 1984, this program has resulted in the cleanup of thousands of sites throughout the country. Many of these facilities have spent millions of dollars to achieve their CA objectives. On September 1, 2020, EPA announced the program’s goals for the next ten years.   READ MORE  


Wrangling Sustainability

Sustainability is increasingly more important across various industries. Wrangler Jean Company has a goal to implement 100 percent sustainably grown cotton by 2025. Through the Wrangler Science and Conservation Program industry experts, non-profits, and farmers collaborate on best practices for healthy soil farming. These regenerative agriculture methods protect the environment that feeds people and ensures healthy soils.


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