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November 2021

RCRA meet CAA. CAA meet RCRA

We now have both RCRA and CAA seminars to offer and we’ve conducted three successful CAA seminars to date. The complexities involved with environmental regulations can be daunting, so we’ve applied our logical, building-block training methods to both sets of regs. If your focus is RCRA only, please consider letting your air colleagues know about our CAA class. They’ll appreciate it and so will we. Thanks!

Details about McCoy's CAA training
EPA's guide to CAA


PFAS Roadmap revealed

PFAS are toxic per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances. They are so chemically stable that they are often referred to as “forever chemicals,” and their persistence poses an urgent public health and environmental issue in the United States. To address PFAS, EPA announced the PFAS Strategic Roadmap, laying out the framework for a whole-agency approach.   READ MORE  


Winter .V RCRA

The last seminar of 2021 is our 5-Day RCRA virtual seminar. The pace of this training enables learners to understand the nuances of RCRA at a comfortable speed. Our engineered step-by-step modules build in a logical way, and this helps you digest complex concepts. Register today for the December 6–10, 2021 RCRA seminar.

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5-Day .VIRTUAL Agenda




PCB regs overhaul

EPA is proposing to expand the available extraction and determinative test methods used to characterize and cleanup PCB waste under TSCA regulations. Along with the changes in test methods, EPA is proposing changes to PCB cleanup and disposal regulations, adding more flexibility for cleanups involving PCBs.   READ MORE  


Circular Economy

Brazil is creating their first circular economy on the island of Fernando de Noronha through a partnership with Ball Corporation and The Planet Lab. In the past, this island community relied on the mainland to import aluminum cans for use at their resorts and restaurants. With the new circular collection facility, they expect to recycle 100,000 pounds of aluminum on the island within the first year.




In-person in Orlando

We’ll be holding our second in-person seminar since the COVID pandemic began. If you prefer in-person learning, join us January 24–28, 2022. We’ll have two presenters, and we’ll unravel the complex hazardous waste regulations throughout the week. After the seminar you’ll find waste determinations to be less of a mystery! Stay tuned as we’re committed to providing a safe in-person training experience. This means our COVID protocols will be in place.

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Healthy travel in Orlando


Who ya gonna call?

Did you know EPA has a list of hotlines? This comprehensive list includes hotlines for many environmental topics ranging from TRI to TSCA. You may also find region-specific customer service lines where you can contact a specific EPA region. Unfortunately, the RCRA Hotline was shut down long ago, but you may still submit RCRA questions using the Ask a Question – EPA form.




Hydrogen Bike

In the race to develop sustainable designs for everyday products, StudioMOM has designed the world’s first battery-free hydrogen powered bike. The LAVO bike converts electricity from solar panels to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen, which in turn provides long-term energy storage to create hydrogen. The bike charges in ten minutes and has a range of 93 miles. Learn more.


Import-Export fixes

Earlier this year, Canada made changes to their import-export regulations that became effective on October 31, 2021. To bring the United States hazardous waste regulations into conformance with the changes, EPA published a final rule on October 1, 2021. [86 FR 54381] Because hazardous waste import-export regulations are managed solely by EPA (i.e., not states), this rule was effective in all states on October 31, 2021.




February RCRA Refresher

So, it’s not your first RCRA rodeo and you’ve been working with the regs for a while. Our February 22-23, 2022 RCRA Refresher will be held in Denver, and we have plenty of seats available. The good thing about this seminar is that it is fast—the accelerated schedule means you get almost all of our 5-day content in two short days. If you’re comfortable with a snappy pace, the Refresher may be right for you. Join us.

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Longest Spill

The longest running spill in US history has been occurring near the Gulf Coast of Louisiana. In 2003, hurricane Ivan sheared off an oil platform and opened up 28 active oil wells that were leaking roughly 1,000 gallons of oil per day for the past 17 years. A Coast Guard Captain and a team of engineers joined up to invent a device to capture and contain the spill. So far, they’ve collected 800,000 gallons of oil in the past two years and are helping to clean up the Louisiana Delta. Find out how.


2021–2022 Seminars

3-Day CAA Seminars
.VIRTUAL: January 11–13, 2022

5-Day RCRA Seminars
.VIRTUAL: December 6–10, 2021
Orlando: January 24–28, 2022
.VIRTUAL: February 7–11, 2022

2-Day RCRA Refreshers
Denver: February 22–23, 2022

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