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December 2021

Orlando kick-off

Start 2022 with RCRA and Florida sunshine. Join us for our “in-person” 5-Day RCRA seminar in Orlando, January 24-28, 2022. Gain a comprehensive understanding of RCRA. Following the training, go for a stroll through the “plein air” Pointe Orlando shopping district. We’re following COVID social distancing and protocols, so there’s a limited number of seats remaining—register soon.

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NSPS tightening for oil and gas

The impacts of anthropological climate change are well documented and understood, and the recent COP26 conference again highlights the urgent need for action. One of the most significant contributors to our warming planet is methane emissions, and the largest industrial source of methane is the oil and natural gas industry. EPA is proposing to update two new source performance standards (NSPS) and promulgate two new standards strengthening the industry’s CAA requirements. The agency estimates the rules would result in tens of millions of tons of pollutant reductions and tens of billions of dollars in climate benefits.   READ MORE  


Refer a [CAA] friend…

You know us for RCRA; now we provide CAA training, too. Refer a friend who works with the air regs and wants to learn about our CAA training—get their permission first—and as a thank you, we’ll send you a CNET Roadshow Editor’s Choice tire pressure gauge. Reach out to hello@mccoyseminars for details.


Squirrels recycle?

For a refreshing science break, squirrels love acorns and hide them in unique places. Squirrels stash the larger, healthier acorns further away from the tree, so the new oak isn’t planted in its shadow. Forgetful squirrels can’t recall all the places they bury acorns, so some sprout into new trees. But oak trees have adapted an interesting twist. Watch this video to learn more.






Our RCRA Guide

What do ski guides and McCoy Sherpa have in common? Both have expert knowledge to support you through rugged terrain. Our electronic product will help you plow through a mountain of RCRA information including over 50,000 hyperlinks, RCRA Online documents, flow charts, and more. If you want to cover even more ground, we offer network licenses to provide McCoy Sherpa to your entire team.

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PFAS public meetings

EPA’s Science Advisory Board (SAB) is holding four virtual public meetings on December 16, 2021, and January 4, 6, & 7, 2022 [86 FR 62526]. The meetings will discuss EPA’s proposed approaches to maximum contaminant level goals (MCLGs) for perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctanesulfonic acid (PFOS) in drinking water. The SAB will also review cardiovascular disease risk reduction from lowered PFOA and PFOS exposure in drinking water along with EPA’s draft framework for estimating noncancer health risks associated with PFAS mixtures. Refer to the SAB website for more information on the meetings and how to register.


Get refreshed in Denver

Have prior experience with RCRA and want to fast-track your training? Catch our Denver “in-person” RCRA Refresher, February 22-23, 2022. This class has an accelerated pace and we cover almost all of the 5-Day RCRA content. Our host, the Boulder Renaissance hotel, overlooks the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. COVID social distancing and protocols may be in place. Call 303-526-2674 for more information.

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Have a waste minimization program?

Did you know when you sign a hazardous waste manifest, you are certifying the appropriate waste minimization statement in §262.27 is true? EPA and state inspectors often ask questions about a facility’s waste minimization program. Some states have even identified failure to maintain a waste minimization program as one of the top generator violations in their state. Maintaining a waste minimization plan is not only a regulatory requirement but can also lead to cost savings.   READ MORE  


New Year. New CAA training

Industry experts agree that CAA regs are multi-faceted and complex. Understanding the applicability process requires knowledge and experience and our presenters bring both to our .VIRTUAL CAA seminars. Join us January 11-13, 2022 and gain a practical understanding as we specialize in demystifying the often-confusing air regs. Feedback from CAA veterans say they wished they attended this class sooner. We hope to see you in January!

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Revamping “reduce, reuse, recycle”

In November 2021, EPA introduced its National Recycling Strategy. This strategy is only the first in a series focused on improving our current recycling system. The goal is to build a circular economy - an industrial system restorative or regenerative by design. It identifies strategic objectives and stakeholder-led actions, which will create a stronger, more resilient, and cost-effective municipal solid waste recycling system. The National Recycling Strategy along with additional information on EPA’s strategies to build a circular economy can be found on EPA’s website.


Thank you

We look forward to the holidays and new year with hope and inspiration. We are grateful for your business and we strive to do our part in helping you protect human health and the environment. And for your environmental mission, we are profoundly grateful. Have a joy-filled season!


2022 Seminars

3-Day CAA Seminars
.VIRTUAL: January 11–13, 2022
.VIRTUAL: March 29–31, 2022

5-Day RCRA Seminars
Orlando: January 24–28, 2022
.VIRTUAL: February 7–11, 2022
.VIRTUAL: March 7–11, 2022
.VIRTUAL: May 9–13, 2022

2-Day RCRA Refreshers
Denver: February 22–23, 2022
.VIRTUAL : April 26–27, 2022

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