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April 2021

RCRA in May

Join us for our next McCoy.VIRTUAL RCRA 5-day seminar, May 24-28, 2021. Our presenters provide a roadmap to the hazardous waste regulations. This live broadcast of our training is an interactive experience—you’ll work case studies, ask questions, and learn detailed modules. Gather RCRA insight and find a clear way forward with McCoy.VIRTUAL.

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5-Day .VIRTUAL Agenda


Audit policy Qs get As

A great way to ensure compliance with applicable environmental regulations is via a self-auditing program. EPA has a formal audit policy whereby facilities that discover, fix, and self-report violations of federal environmental laws and regulations may receive penalty mitigation. The agency has recently issued new guidance clarifying several aspects of its audit policy.   READ MORE  




HW compendium available

Many resources are available as aids in understanding the hazardous waste regulations, including McCoy’s RCRA Unraveled. EPA recently created the Hazardous Waste Generator Regulations Compendium. This is a hyperlinked and cross-referenced Internet resource, containing EPA memoranda, questions and answers, and Federal Register rules.   READ MORE  



The Air and Waste Management Association (A&WMA) has provided a neutral forum for environmental professionals for over 110 years. They promote networking opportunities (although this year the conference is fully virtual) and information exchange to further global environmental responsibility. Attend A&WMA virtually, June 14-17, 2021.

A&WMA 2021 National Conference




See CAA in a new light

The Clean Air Act regulations can be daunting. Gain practical knowledge at our McCoy CAA.VIRTUAL training, June 8-10, 2021. Our live broadcast, with three presenters, will shed light on the regs. We’ll walk you through case studies, answer live questions, and provide practical and helpful applicability tools. Keep CAA in your sights with McCoy.

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Waste guide for developing countries

By 2050, an estimated 3.4 billion metric tons of solid waste is expected to be generated annually on a worldwide basis. The United Nations Environment Program estimates at least 2 billion people living in developing countries lack waste collection and rely on uncontrolled dumpsites. To address these issues, EPA compiled a decision-maker’s guide for managing solid waste in developing countries to help get these areas headed in the right direction.   READ MORE  




GIR transition tool

In the 2016 generator improvements rule (GIR), EPA consolidated most of the generator requirements into Part 262 to reduce cross-references to Parts 261 and 265. These revisions resulted in the creation of many new regulatory sections and deletion of old ones. In January 2021, the agency created the Crosswalk of Previous Regulations to Reorganized Regulations, which cross-references previous regulatory citations with their new ones. It even includes a “comment” section, containing additional information describing the nature of the regulatory changes.


Overtime for CCR NODA

On December 22, 2020, EPA issued a notice of data availability (NODA) and request for comment on coal combustion residue (CCR) piles and beneficial use criteria. Our previous article provides details. The agency is extending the public comment period for this NODA for an additional 60 days through May 11, 2021. [86 FR 14066]




Songbird salmonella

North American songbirds are being impacted more than usual this year. It’s a paradox; more people are enjoying feeding birds with their back yard feeders but dirty bird feeders are spreading salmonella to the songbirds throughout the west. Now is the time to be diligent with cleaning your bird feeders or temporarily hold off on using them. Learn how.


Tiny spaces

Space is currently at a premium in the housing market and people are spending more time at home. Unemori Architects developed a unique design for a tiny plot of land in a dense urban environment. The 548 square-foot house is designed to showcase ambient sunlight and views of the sky. It’s an efficient approach to utilizing vertical space. Learn more.


2021 Seminars

3-Day CAA Seminars
.VIRTUAL: June 8–10, 2021

5-Day RCRA Seminars
.VIRTUAL: April 26–30, 2021
.VIRTUAL: May 24–28, 2021
San Antonio: July 19–23, 2021
Lake Tahoe: August 23–27, 2021
Virginia Beach: September 13–17, 2021
Denver: October 4–8, 2021

2-Day RCRA Refreshers
.VIRTUAL: June 29–30, 2021
Houston: November 16–17, 2021

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