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May 2021

Join our June CAA seminar

The behemoth Clean Air Act regulations are perplexing, and even the most seasoned air professionals don’t have all the answers. We present the regs in a different light—we’ve discovered the patterns within the regs—and this helps you to understand the purpose and reason behind them.

This virtual seminar includes three presenters, who answer live questions and provide practical knowledge. Best of all, we’ve coalesced the massive amounts of data into CAA applicability tables and a detailed appendix to help simplify your decision-making. Join us June 8 – 10, 2021.

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Healthy RCRA

Our next two .VIRTUAL RCRA seminars are coming up, May 24-28 and July 26-30, 2021. It may seem counter-intuitive, but spending five days with us is the fastest way to learn RCRA. This nuanced seminar breaks down the complexities of RCRA into bite-sized chunks so you’ll walk away with a clear understanding of the regs and invaluable tips. Speaking of bite-sized chunks, May 24 is National Asparagus Day, so celebrate your knowledge with healthy sprouts!

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Lithium battery safety webinars

Lithium batteries pose safety and compliance challenges during onsite management and transportation. On May 18 and May 25, a 2-part training webinar will be hosted by the Northeast Recycling Council and the Northeast Waste Management Officials’ Association. The two 1.5-hour classes will provide a regulatory overview of lithium batteries, discuss their uses and recycling, and explore ways to reduce fire risks. You must register for each webinar separately if you would like to attend.


Paltry guidance on POLYM

New EPA guidance sheds a little light on the RCRA implications of using polymerization (POLYM) as a form of hazardous waste treatment. This technology chemically bonds scrap resin monomers into a solid inert material, which can then be sent for nonhazardous waste disposal. But, is application of indirect heat to scrap resin/catalyst mixtures considered thermal treatment necessitating a RCRA permit? Also, what are the Subpart CC air emissions requirements for containers used for POLYM? EPA hints at some answers.   READ MORE  






New resources for battery management

In March, EPA unveiled three new webpages containing information on the safe disposal and recycling of batteries at both businesses and residences. While there are many different types of battery chemistries, the underlying hazards are very similar. Recycling to recover valuable minerals, rather than disposal, improves regulatory compliance and also promotes environmental stewardship.   READ MORE  


Quick and refreshing

If your schedule is tight, you know your way around the RCRA regulations, and you prefer a faster pace, consider our June RCRA Refresher to be held June 29–30, 2021. Our veteran content experts lead the way in this interactive virtual setting. Hold real-time conversations on regs with the instructors and enjoy the accelerated presentation. Get refreshed on RCRA in two action-packed days.

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Baby bison

Have you ever visited a chemical weapons manufacturing facility that supported WWII? If you’re in Denver, now you can. It’s the Rocky Mountain Arsenal and this land has survived the test of time; transitioning from farmland, to war-time manufacturing site, and now, to a wildlife sanctuary. This spring our team witnessed a bevy of newly born baby bison and they’re as cute as can be. This begs the following questions. What have you transitioned from? Have you seen any baby bison roaming around? What have you supported? Email us on how you’ve evolved. Learn more about the Arsenal.


AHMP is your BFF

If working with hazardous waste/materials is your discipline, then the Alliance of Hazardous Materials Professionals (AHMP) conference is for you. Environmental, health, safety and security (EHS&S) industry pros gather each year for continuous in-depth learning. The conference will be held virtually this year on July 25-28, 2021. Register ASAP and join CHMMs, CHMPs, CDGPs, CDGTs, CSPs, and CIHs at AHMP.V!

2021 AHMP Virtual National Conference






Circular plastics

The Coca-Cola Company, Keurig Dr Pepper, and PepsiCo announced the launch of the Every Bottle Back initiative to improve the recycling collection of the industry’s valuable plastic bottles so they can be made into new bottles. “Our industry recognizes the serious need to reduce new plastic in our environment, and we want to do our part to lead with innovative solutions,” said Katherine Lugar, president and CEO of the American Beverage Association (ABA). Find out how.


Waste management on tribal lands

In February, EPA added a factsheet on sustainable tribal waste management to its tribal waste management program site. The guide summarizes various strategies to assist tribal communities with waste management, while acknowledging their unique histories, cultures, finances, and geographies. Numerous links are included in the factsheet to additional resources related to financial viability, education and outreach, planning, program administration, and operation.


Considering travel?

The world is beginning to emerge from the pandemic, yet COVID challenges and the realistic concern for health and safety are everywhere. Depending upon your risk tolerance, and at the very least, you may be dreaming about travel. From pulling your documents together to getting used to contactless service everywhere to staying closer to home, check out these helpful hints. Remember, just thinking about future travel is good for the soul.


2021 Seminars

3-Day CAA Seminars
.VIRTUAL: June 8–10, 2021
.VIRTUAL: November 2–4, 2021

5-Day RCRA Seminars
.VIRTUAL: May 24–28, 2021
.VIRTUAL: July 26–30, 2021
.VIRTUAL: August 16–20, 2021
.VIRTUAL: September 20–24, 2021
Denver: October 4–8, 2021
.VIRTUAL: October 18–22, 2021
.VIRTUAL: December 6–10, 2021

2-Day RCRA Refreshers
.VIRTUAL: June 29–30, 2021
Houston: November 16–17, 2021

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