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August 2021

Next 2-Day Refresher

Catch McCoy’s next .VIRTUAL RCRA 2-Day Refresher, September 8-9, 2021. Our presenters provide a holistic training and explain the Regs in a condensed and accelerated format, to quickly get you up-to-speed with RCRA. Register today.


Shipping state-specific wastes

The e-manifest system is not just the central repository for federally regulated hazardous waste shipment data. It also includes data on shipments of state-specific hazardous wastes. If the waste is required to be manifested, then the information finds its way into the system. It’s a challenge to remember all of those state hazardous wastes, and that’s where EPA comes in. A new agency website helps keep track of these unique wastes subject to the RCRA manifesting requirements.   READ MORE  


Fall RCRA line-up

Environmental professionals know that connecting the “compliance dots” with RCRA can be nuanced. Join us this fall for a McCoy .VIRTUAL RCRA 5-Day seminar. Choose September 20-24, 2021 or October 18-22, 2021. Our RCRA content experts will guide you through the regs to ensure you make the right operational decisions for your facility.

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Used oil container closure compliance

Hazardous waste containers must remain closed unless adding or removing waste. A good rule of thumb to meeting this closure requirement is to ensure the container is vapor tight and spill-proof. However, containers accumulating used oil under Part 279 are not required to comply with this standard. That said, used oil containers must still be in good condition and not leaking. This and other common used oil management questions are addressed on EPA’s used oil FAQ page.


Swift Sherpa

McCoy Sherpa is designed to save you valuable time. It’s RCRA-centric search engine provides lightning fast guidance, along with access to over 500 EPA examples, 18 interactive flow charts, 50,000 hyperlinks and much more. With our digital product, find the answers you need—now.

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Skyward with CAA

Let’s face it—navigating CAA and whether the regs apply at your facility is complicated. Find practical guidance at our next CAA McCoy.VIRTUAL seminar on November 2-4, 2021. We provide a live broadcast so it’s not the ubiquitous “face in front of a bookcase” Zoom experience. We’ll walk you through detailed modules, guide you through case studies and answer unique questions. Join us.

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Fuel or waste?

What do demolition wood, scrap tires, and poultry litter have in common? They are all examples of nonhazardous secondary materials (NHSM). And if those NHSM are burned as a fuel, then whether or not they are a solid waste will determine which CAA standards apply. A new guide for making such a determination is now available from EPA. The agency walks through the considerations to be made by anyone trying to make NHSM fuel determinations.   READ MORE  




The Heat is on

The United Nations 2021 Climate Report has provided new scientific evidence that our global temperature increase needs immediate attention. IPCC scientists urge that if we don’t reduce carbon emissions, we’ll surpass a 2-degree Celsius increase in temperature within the 21st Century. Extreme weather patterns may be the devastating norm. Learn more.


Decontaminate debris, LDR style

Treatment standards under the land disposal restrictions (LDRs) were developed with process wastes in mind, not hazardous debris. Fortunately, the alternative treatment standards for hazardous debris can help. Several options require treatment to a “clean debris surface,” allowing for small quantities of waste to remain. But just how much can remain? EPA cleans up the confusion on this, and other issues with debris on their LDR FAQ page.




From snow to fire

McCoy is located in Colorado ski country, so we’re no strangers to the importance of accurate snow reports. When planning for a fresh powder day, we use the Open Snow app to get accurate updates. This summer, Open Snow has developed a variety of maps that forecast smoke, air quality, lighting flashes and more. Check out this great tool to keep track of both summer and winter weather patterns. More info here.


2021–2022 Seminars

3-Day CAA Seminars
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2-Day RCRA Refreshers
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