McCoy's RCRA hazardous waste training

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McCoy training is—detailed. It’s not for everyone, and we’re okay with that. Our philosophy is to break environmental regs down into bite-size chunks. Then it’s easier to see why certain constraints exist and where operational decisions can benefit from our practical tools and tips. This helps simplify your work, and we hope you’ll appreciate our training even more.

Craftsmanship is at the core of who we are, so we made a conscious decision, years ago, not to try to be all things to all people. We examine and deconstruct the regs over and over again, and believe context is the key. How did RCRA evolve? Why is air regulated under RCRA? Why do the regs work this way? What makes sense and what doesn’t? This is our way of providing clarity on how the regulations are interpreted. It’s all in the details.

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5-Day RCRA Seminar.

McCoy's 5-Day RCRA hazardous waste training

Yeah. RCRA’s like that.

Just 5 days.


Is the waste hazardous? Is it subject to RCRA? The answer is, well, complex.

Yet, answering these questions is at the heart of applicability, the process of understanding whether the regs apply to your specific situation. Because making a hazardous waste determination is the most basic skill under RCRA, we place it at the center of our training.

Having a broader context also helps unlock RCRA. So our 5-day training starts with how the regs evolved, then we explain how to logically understand each component. We build on the knowledge gained each day of the seminar, tackling advanced topics like recycling and LDR later in the week.

Attend McCoy’s 5-Day Seminar, and you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of RCRA and practical tips to use back on the job. Whether you prefer to travel or want your RCRA training online, we have you covered.

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2-Day RCRA Refresher.

McCoy's 2-Day RCRA hazardous waste training

Perfect for pros.

McCoy's RCRA Refresher hazardous waste training

In a hurry.

Find out more about McCoy's 2-Day RCRA Refresher
Find out more about McCoy's 2-Day RCRA hazardous waste training
Find out more about McCoy's 2-Day RCRA Refresher hazardous waste training

RCRA. Fast.

Been around the RCRA block a few times? A 2-Day Refresher may be right for you. We cover almost all of the content from our five-day seminar in an accelerated format. So if you know your P’s and U’s, join us and recharge your knowledge, gain a fresh perspective on your current issues, and enjoy networking with other regs pros.

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RCRA for Puerto Rico Seminar.

McCoy's 3-Day RCRA Seminar for Puerto Rico
McCoy's 3-Day RCRA hazardous waste training for Puerto Rico

Hola Puerto Rico!


Find out more about McCoy's 3-Day RCRA Seminar for Puerto Rico
Find out more about McCoy's 3-Day RCRA hazardous waste training for Puerto Rico
Find out how to attend McCoy's 3-Day RCRA hazaardous waste training for Puerto Rico

Island time.

Years ago, what started as an in-house seminar hosted by a manufacturer in Puerto Rico became an annual public seminar.

We focus on the regulatory issues encountered in Puerto Rico, and we cover much of the content from our 5-Day RCRA Seminar in just three days. Plus, we adjust our agenda based on customer feedback. Join us in beautiful Puerto Rico.

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RCRA In-House Seminars.

McCoy's RCRA In-House Seminars
In-House RCRA hazardous waste training

Train at your house.

Crowd support.


Effective teamwork is the one sustainable competitive advantage. So if you have a large team, consider a McCoy in-house seminar. Yes, there are logistics to consider and the challenge of getting everyone in the same place. But if you can manage it, the benefit of having a team with a unified RCRA regulatory perspective is profound.

When your EH&S staff, technical sales, legal counsel, and facility management attend an in-house, your organization will gain program buy-in, commitment, and focus. The result is more effective compliance decisions—with less friction. Instead of wrangling over the interpretations, you’ll spend more time making the decisions that are right for you. And that’s a home-field advantage.

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